Russian forces reportedly recently attacked Odesa city with a number of drone strikes and Ukraine downed several of those drones. At least 14 of the 17 Russian drones had been taken down by armed forces in Ukraine. The conflict continues to rage on between the two regions and overnight recently Russia invaded with several attack drones, around 17 launches of UAVs was recorded that allegedly came from the East Coast. Air defense systems were successful with a number of them destroying at least 14 of the drones from the drone strike attack.

Allies have continued to pledge support for Ukraine in the ongoing conflict with Russia as Russia tries to continue attacking with drones and more. They’ve been using drones to try and get past the Odesa air defense systems but it seems that many of them were not successful and have now been taken out. This was seen to be a sort of new tactic that was aiming to get through those defense systems and the drones were directed at a low altitude which could have been done in an effort to keep them as invisible from sight as possible upon their approach. It was the Southern Air Command with Ukraine that were successful in managing to shoot down 14 of those 17 drones that had come with that overnight attack in the region.