Many were shocked to learn of Donald Trump’s arrest and criminal accusations because no former president had ever been charged with a crime. The president was heavily guarded as he entered the Manhattan courtroom and entered a not-guilty plea. He has asserted that the allegations against him are being made for political reasons and that the judge is a Democrat.

He is accused of fabricating company records to improve his image ahead of the 2016 presidential race. Former President Trump is accused of 34 felonies, but he has maintained his innocence. He allegedly made three payments—to a doorman, two women he allegedly had affairs with, and someone he thought would hurt his chances in the 2016 race. However, the doorman’s testimony has already been called into question, and the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, claims he never had an affair with either of the ladies he allegedly bought off.

Although the legality of a hush money payment is up for debate, manipulating corporate documents is nevertheless grounds for criminal prosecution. The major problem is not that Stormy Daniels, an adult starlet, received money from Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen. Unfortunately, the scandal appears to be mostly fueled by the way the Trump Organization handled Cohen’s reimbursement.