Sidney Poitier passed away this past Thursday(1/6/2022) at the age of 94. Sidney Poitier was the first black man to go on to win an Oscar and he won it for Best Actor. He won for his role in Lilies of the Field and continued to have a long career in Hollywood as being a trailblazer. He had many films that he took part in throughout his career including Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and others. Sidney Poitier worked alongside some of the best in Hollywood and helped to progress roles for black people in Hollywood as a result of his success. Giving some of the best performances that Hollywood will ever see, Sidney Poitier is remembered by his family and loved ones, as well as fans around the world.

This week the world is celebrating his memory and recalling all of those great moments that Sidney Poitier had on film. He will be remembered as one of the best actors of all time, having achieved several milestones throughout his career in Hollywood. He had been so busy throughout his career that he worked on dozens of different movies and eventually made his directorial debut in Buck and the Preacher and went on to direct a total of 9 movies. Those remember him with great sadness now that he is gone but he will not be forgotten. His work in movies lives on as do the memories that people shared with him. Having started in Hollywood many years ago back in the 1950s it is impressive to see how far Sidney Poitier had come and all that he was able to achieve on his own in Hollywood. His other work in films like In the Heat of the Night, as well as the popular Lilies of the Field, will live on bringing joy to many.