Billy Joel, the acclaimed musician known for his timeless classics, has recently graced his fans with a new single titled “Turn The Lights Back On,” his first in nearly two decades since “All My Life” and “Christmas in Fallujah” were released in 2007. This latest endeavor is a ballad that showcases Joel’s distinctive style, resonating with the melodic and lyrical prowess that has characterized his career. The song, a collaboration involving Freddy Wexler, Arthur Bacon, and Wayne Hector, marks a significant moment for Joel, reintroducing his musical genius to the world​​​​​​.

The anticipation for Joel’s new music had been building, especially after he hinted at working on fresh material on social media. Fans and the music community alike eagerly awaited the release, which Joel teased in a playful manner, highlighting his sense of humor and connection with his audience. Beyond the single, Joel has also announced the conclusion of his historic monthly residency at Madison Square Garden, which started in 2014, indicating a new phase in his illustrious career. Despite ending this residency, Joel is not slowing down, with plans to perform in various locations across the United States and in Cardiff, Wales, ensuring that his music continues to reach and inspire audiences around the globe​​​​.

“Turn The Lights Back On” serves as a poignant reminder of Billy Joel’s lasting impact on music and culture. As he ventures into this new chapter, his contributions to the industry remain as relevant and cherished as ever, proving that his artistry continues to evolve and resonate with both longtime fans and new listeners. The release is a testament to Joel’s enduring talent and his ability to connect through his music, standing as a celebrated figure in the music world.