A British defense source has claimed that the leak in the Nord Stream pipelines was caused by a series of explosions. These explosions would have been detonated remotely from an unknown location. The EU has also confirmed that they believe that the leaks were a result of an act of sabotage.

Poland and Ukraine have publicly stated that they believe Russia is to blame. The country has been accused of holding back the gas it supplies to Europe as retaliation for the support Ukraine has received from the continent since the invasion began.

There are several theories about how the explosives were placed on the pipeline, to begin with. Mines could have been lowered from the side of a boat, and this could have taken place at any point in the last few years. Another possibility is that an underwater drone was used.

The pipelines are owned by Russia, but they have denied that they have launched an attack on their property. They have stated that the leaks which have occurred are all in areas that are monitored by US intelligence.

Neither of the pipelines are currently transporting gas as a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, there is still gas in the pipes and this has caused changes in the water pressure in the areas where the leaks are taking place. Authorities in Denmark have advised ships to avoid the area.