Giorgia Meloni is on course to become Italy’s first female prime minister after she won the election with 26% of the total vote. It is expected that the government she will go on to form will be predominantly right-wing.

Her party, Brothers of Italy, was formed in 2012 and she was a founding member. The origins of the party can be loosely traced back to Mussolini’s National Fascist Party, but she was quick to make clear that she would be a prime minister who would rule all Italians.

For Meloni to officially become prime minister she needs to be nominated by Italian president Sergio Mattarella. This is just a formality but will not take place for some weeks yet. An official announcement is likely to be made at the end of October.

The rest of Europe will be watching to see what Meloni’s stance is on remaining part of the European Union, as the institution is something she has been critical of in the past. It is also expected that she will bring in measures to reduce the amount of immigration into the country.