The Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Israel agreed to a truce this past Sunday (5/14/23) in an Egyptian-brokered deal. This comes after five days of intense cross-border fighting that left 33 Palestinians dead, including 13 civilians.

The truce relieved more than two million people in Gaza and hundreds of thousands of Israelis caught in the fight. Although this agreement does not address the issues that have fueled the violence, it brought calmness to the region. Tareq Selmi, the Jihad spokesman, said they have halted any targeted strikes. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, thanked Egypt for its mediation efforts. However, Tzachi Nanegbi, the national security adviser, further added that quiet will be responded with quiet. When push comes to shove, Nanegbi said Israel would do everything possible to defend itself.

Recent fighting started last Tuesday (5/9/23) after Israel killed three senior Jihad commanders. According to Israel, the strikes were a response to last week’s attacks. However, they confirmed the attacks were focused on specific Jihad targets. These claims were later dismissed when residents in Gaza said that the homes of people uninvolved with the fight were struck.

Reports show that at least ten civilians, including women and children, were killed. The recent attacks have drawn regional condemnation, and the cease-fire will help restore peace.