Water insecurity is a major concern in most parts of the world. The tendency to reserve water has pushed many people to adopt other means like creating water reserves and finding other methods to conserve water. The Geneva Water Hub is an example of such a program. However, what is the purpose of the Geneva Water Hub? Most people are still unfamiliar with this conservative program. The water hub program aims to resolve the water problems and conflicts between public and private sectors, and the tension between countries. Sustainable water conservation is a major world concern in contemporary society.

According to a Global Risk Report in 2015, it was ranked as a major concern in the 21st century. Water is extremely fundamental to public health, energy, and food security. Lack of water can lead to internal and international conflict. Besides, water is home to various animals that support the ecosystem. And so, understanding the purpose of the Geneva Water Hub resolves the problems associated with water insecurity.

The Geneva Water Hub uses the water reserve program for hydroponics to promote world peace among nations and communities. Their program has proven that water can be utilized as a tool for collaboration in terms of promoting peace. The changing climates threaten water security, and sometimes it is complex to understand. This is why the Geneva Water Hub was created in 2014 to help address these concerns among nations and ensure bridging and contribution that aims to find ways to leverage water.