Rumored to be fighting for the “total liberation” of the Donbas, Russian forces have claimed to be engaged in the battle for the eastern Ukrainian regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, where Russian-backed separatists held substantial territory before the invasion. In an effort to seize Severodonetsk, Russian forces are currently advancing. Asserting control over the city and the surrounding region is a top priority for Russia.

Russian forces have detonated bombs on bridges linking Sverodonetsk and Lysychansk, cutting off Ukrainian ground connection and hindering Since the invasion began, Russia’s military has sustained tremendous casualties.

Defense officials in the United Kingdom think Russian officers in the middle and lower ranks are likely to have died in the attack. According to the report, morale and discipline among lower ranks may be negatively affected by these losses. With Russia’s naval vessels blocking Ukrainian ports and impeding trade, analysts claim Russia has bolstered air defenses on Snake Island in the Black Sea to protect its ships.