Phil Mickelson won the 2021 PGA Championship and became the oldest man to do it. At age fifty, he seemed to be slowing down in his golfing career. Mickelson hadn’t won a major in going on eight years, but he shocked everyone by going into the PGA Championship with confidence.

Mickelson has been golfing for over three decades, and he used all of his skills in the 2021 PGA Championship. He had a few birdies early on that helped him get ahead, and once he was going, no one could catch up to him. He said that he believed he could do it, even though no one seemed to believe in him. Mickelson hadn’t gotten so much as a win in two years, but he showed off all the talents that he still possesses on the green in the PGA Championship. His fans were ecstatic about the win and rushed to congratulate him.