The 2020 Kentucky Derby was held labor day weekend without an audience in attendance at the track. The missing people in the stands weren’t the only ones not seeing the race, but the TV ratings for it were not good, either. Not nearly as many people watched it as had in previous years, but it is still one of the highest-rated sports programs this year. The NFL Draft was the other high-rated program during coronavirus, and it was also held without fans and was done virtually.

The Kentucky Derby typically gets well over one hundred thousand fans in attendance, but because of the fears surrounding coronavirus, they didn’t allow any fans to be there. During the race, protests were going on over Breonna Taylor’s death in Louisville, Kentucky, and beyond. The colt that was expected to win the derby was Tiz the Law, but that did not happen. Instead, Authentic surprised everyone as the winner of the race.

The final results of the 2020 Kentucky Derby were as follows:

  1. Authentic
  2. Tiz the Law
  3. Mr. Big News
  4. Honor A.P.
  5. Max Player
  6. Storm the Court
  7. Enforceable
  8. Ny Traffic
  9. Necker Island
  10. Major Fed
  11. Sole Volante
  12. Winning Impression
  13. Money Moves
  14. Attachment Rate
  15. South Bend