Vladimir Putin ordered the Russian defense minister and military chief to deploy nuclear deterrent forces into a “special combat duty” overnight, potentially preparing tactical nuclear troops. Putin’s disregard for human life and the environment has been proved several times, and he is willing to take enormous risks in order to achieve his geopolitical aims.

Putin Puts Nuclear Deterrent on High Alert

In response to a US or NATO incursion, there is a low probability that Putin would order the use of nuclear weapons. “Dangerous rhetoric,” according to the United States, has been used to describe the current state of affairs. Nuclear tensions have reached a new high in recent weeks, as seen by this alarming development. Nuclear hazards are real, and the conflict in Ukraine should serve as a wake-up call to all of us.

Nuclear dangers

Nuclear weapons are more than just a deterrent to aggression and a way to keep the world safe. Experts around the world have warned that as countries modernize and grow their nuclear arsenals, nuclear weapons are increasingly being viewed as “usable” by military and political authorities.

Alternatively, they could be put to use:

When it comes to escalating conflicts, it can be used as a last resort or as a plan to gain the upper hand. It can also be used to respond to an approaching missile that is wrongly believed to be nuclear-armed. When command and control systems go down by accident. However, despite the fact that Ukraine does not have nuclear weapons, there are still significant concerns. There is a real risk that the conflict could escalate to a nuclear one.

Possible nuclear scenarios

European countries have an abundance of nuclear weapons, making it difficult to ascertain their nuclear intentions. When it comes to nuclear warhead stockpiles and tactical nuclear weapons for deployment on the battlefield, Russia enjoys a significant advantage over its Ukrainian counterpart. However, Ukraine’s most powerful strategically, the United States, also has an enormous and advanced nuclear stockpile.