The 2024 NBA Draft Combine has wrapped up in Chicago, offering a glimpse into the future of the NBA as teams and prospects prepare for the upcoming draft. With just over a month until draft day, here’s a look at the winners and losers from this year’s combine.

The Atlanta Hawks came out on top after winning the NBA Draft Lottery, securing the No. 1 pick despite having only a 3% chance. While this year’s draft class may not be as strong as previous years, holding the first pick still provides the Hawks with a crucial opportunity to find a player who could significantly impact their future. The team now faces the task of making the best choice to enhance their roster.

Zach Edey returned to the combine as the tallest participant, measuring at 7-foot-3.75, half an inch taller than last year. His agility and performance in drills were unexpectedly impressive for someone of his stature, posting faster lane agility times than other top center prospects. Edey’s display of skill and mobility has further solidified his standing among NBA scouts.

Not all college players had a successful week. UConn’s Donovan Clingan struggled in tests, Kentucky’s Rob Dillingham measured shorter and lighter than anticipated, and Colorado’s Cody Williams weighed in less than expected. These performances have raised doubts about their readiness for the NBA.

Netflix’s announcement of a sequel to “Happy Gilmore,” starring Adam Sandler, coincided with Edey’s performance at the combine. His towering presence and unexpected agility led to comparisons with Mr. Larson from the original film. Despite ranking near the bottom in the ¾ court sprint, Edey’s effort and good humor earned him praise.

UConn’s guards had an outstanding week. Stephon Castle, Tristen Newton, Cam Spencer, and Alex Karaban all performed well in drills and scrimmages. Karaban excelled in the 3-point star drill and shooting off the dribble, while Newton posted impressive shuttle run times. Their performances underscored the strength of UConn’s basketball program.

USC’s season appeared even more disappointing after the combine. Despite having potential NBA draft picks like Bronny James and other top recruits, the team finished with a losing record. Bronny, however, exceeded expectations with his vertical leap and shooting drills, proving himself a legitimate draft prospect.

International players like Nikola Đurišić from Serbia and AJ Johnson, who played in Australia’s NBL, were among the standout performers. Đurišić showcased his scoring and playmaking abilities, making a strong case for a first-round selection. Johnson, a 6-foot-6 point guard, impressed scouts with his quickness and athleticism, boosting his draft stock.

Several college upperclassmen struggled to make an impact. Players like Nique Clifford, David Jones, and Payton Sandfort failed to improve their draft prospects. Sandfort’s shooting woes and Jones’ difficulty keeping pace with the game were particularly concerning.

Houston’s Jamal Shead demonstrated his toughness and skill, despite recovering from an ankle injury. Shead’s defensive prowess and leadership on the court showcased his potential as a valuable NBA point guard. His performance in scrimmages highlighted his ability to control the game and make smart decisions.

The 2024 NBA Draft Combine provided a crucial stage for prospects to showcase their talents and boost their draft stock. While some players emerged as clear winners, others faced setbacks that could affect their draft positions. As teams prepare for the upcoming draft, the performances at the combine will play a key role in shaping their decisions.