The 2024 Rose Bowl, a pinnacle event in college football, was held on January 1st, 2024, at California’s Rose Bowl Stadium in Pasadena. Celebrating its 110th year, it showcased the Michigan Wolverines from the Big Ten Conference against the Southeastern Conference’s Alabama Crimson Tide.

Under the guidance of Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, the Michigan Wolverines, facing two consecutive national semifinal disappointments, broke through with a win over Alabama. The game, filled with dramatic moments, saw Michigan making crucial plays in overtime, clinching a 27-20 win.

The Alabama Crimson Tide, coached by Nick Saban, entered as the 4th ranked team. The game’s final moments were tense, with Michigan players predicting Alabama’s last play, effectively targeting quarterback Jalen Milroe.

Michigan initiated scoring in the first quarter, but Alabama quickly dominated in the second. The game was an emotional see-saw, with resilience displayed by both teams. Michigan, initially behind, matched Alabama by halftime. The third quarter was evenly scored, but Michigan took the lead in the final quarter, keeping Alabama scoreless for a 27-20 victory.

The offensive MVP of the game was J.J. McCarthy from Michigan. His outstanding performance was instrumental in Michigan’s victory. On the defensive side, the defensive MVP was Mason Graham from Michigan.

The 2024 Rose Bowl exemplified college football’s thrilling unpredictability. It highlighted the skill and determination of both teams, with Michigan’s remarkable comeback leading to victory. The game will be remembered for the exceptional performances of the MVPs and the intense rivalry of two elite teams.

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