In the main event of UFC 287 in Miami, Israel Adesanya knocked out Alex Pereira in the second round to reclaim the UFC middleweight title. Pereira had defeated Adesanya three times in kickboxing and mixed martial arts. The Miami-Dade Arena was packed, the music was loud, and the energy was high. Adesanya Pereira didn’t put on the gloves right away, suggesting that the crowd was ready for an exciting bout.

Like they did the last time they faced off, the two first traded leg kicks. The ‘Stylebender’, though, successfully executed a few combinations to outclass Pereira. Throughout the first round, the two ferocious competitors tried to finish each other off with head kicks and stunning knockout punches.

Adesanya delivered another high kick in the second round, and Pereira maintained cage control. It was captivating. Adesanya recovered, unlike the previous time, and delivered a couple of blows. Adesanya read the game quickly and was prepared, while Pereira assessed his opponent and attempted to score a decisive kick. He successfully landed counters until finally dropping the “boogeyman” to the ground with a hook. Adesanya delivered a couple of crushing blows to Pereira to put an end to it all before the referee stopped the bout. The end had come!

The “Stylebender” has now won two UFC titles. He was able to snap Pereira’s seven-fight winning streak on Saturday. With the victory, Adesanya was ecstatic because he had at last exacted revenge.

Gilbert Burns’ victory over Jorge Masvidal led to his decision to leave mixed martial arts. He had a four-fight losing streak when his MMA career came to an end. If Burns prevails, he will either compete for the UFC welterweight championship or be named the backup opponent in the projected Leon Edwards vs. Colby Covington match.