Five presidential candidates from the Republican Party met this past Wednesday (11/8/23) in Miami for the primary cycle’s third republican debate. The candidates zeroed in on key discussions while for the most part staying away from discussing previous President Donald Trump, the current leader in the polls.

Even though the event was less packed than it was for the initial two, the dynamic among the candidates was similar. On many occassions throughout the night, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, previous U.N. Diplomat Nikki Haley and business visionary Vivek Ramaswamy went at one another, while previous New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Senator Tim Scott had little air time.

Ramaswamy, who currently agrees with the US’s restricted support to Israel, went after his counterparts, explicitly focusing on Haley, over U.S. mediation in clashes abroad. Ramaswamy said that it’s Israel’s liability to guard itself, while different candidates said they would offer ther full-fledged Israel support.

A couple of the presidential hopefuls had a particular response when mediator Hugh Hewitt asked if the U.S. Naval force is sufficiently large to discourage China from going after Taiwan, or to overcome China in case of a contention. DeSantis promised to dissuade China from attacking Taiwan by developing the U.S. Naval force to 355 vessels toward the finish of his initial term and 385 ships toward the finish of his subsequent term, with an objective of 600 vessels in the following twenty years. Haley said the Navy should be more modernized, wthout giving many particulars.

The up-and-comers were likewise approached to detail what government limitations on abortion they would maintain as president. Their reactions mirrored the continuous discussion in the Conservative party about the way ahead on fetus removal following last year’s Supreme Court choice that overruled Roe v. Wade.

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