Joe Biden began his first State of the Union address by calling Vladimir Putin a “Dictator” and pledging to stand with Ukraine, then quickly shifted to his top domestic goals of fighting inflation and cutting the cost of prescription drugs.

President Joe Biden attempted to resurrect his dormant “Build Back Better” economic stimulus proposal during a 62-minute speech to Congress on Tuesday night. He renamed it “Building a Better America” this time around. There was an emphasis on showing a united front against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in the first 10 minutes. A heartfelt “Thank you” from Ukrainian Ambassador Oksana Markarova, sitting in the gallery as first lady Jill Biden’s guest, capped the speech’s few bipartisan moments.

According to Biden, who was following in the footsteps of his fellow governors around the country, the sickness that has hampered the American economy “need no longer dictate our lives.” Pfizer’s anti-viral medications will soon be offered at pharmacies for free upon a positive test, according to the greatest virus-related news.

President Joe Biden made an effort to empathize with Americans who felt the agony of rising prices at the grocery store and gas station. Achieving price stability is his “Number one concern.” When his father was laid off, the president recalled the anxiety he felt. President Joe Biden has remarked that he was brought up in a household where the price of food soared whenever it went up.

Biden condemned overcharging Americans in concentrated industries, including prescription medications, daycare, and health care premiums; he also called for tax credits to stimulate a shift toward climate change; and more affordable housing.

Since tensions between China and the United States have risen, it was significant that only two mentions of China were made in the hour-long speech. He only brought up China when talking about infrastructure and competition.

Biden also looked at the significant domestic priorities, such as combating inflation and lowering drug prices. He also announced that COVID no longer has the right to control their lives and that Pfizer’s antiviral pills would be made freely available once someone was tested positive.

The lowered price of the drugs came to combat the threat of COVID more effectively while keeping the government’s focus on other matters. The overall infection rate has reduced drastically, with the requirement of wearing masks in more states being removed.

Inflation was also prominent on the agenda, with the President promising that his priority would be reining the prices and getting them back under control.

He called for increased competition in the industries that charged Americans a lot and reducing the cost of childcare, prescription drugs, healthcare premiums, and new tax breaks. Some of these moves are aimed to tackle climate change while also making housing affordable for more Americans.

The president also pushed for more investment in local manufacturing but failed to mention China in connection to the war happening in Ukraine.

In the state of the nation address, the president also declared it the time to open businesses and schools and better protection at the border with Mexico. This got him recognition from Republican senators and marked the end of the State of the Union address.