Hideki Matsuyama won the 2021 golf Masters Tournament this past Sunday(4/11/21), becoming the first Japanese man to do so. He won the tournament by one stroke and was all about commanding the ball and making careful swings all day long. He was awarded a prize of over $2 million and was proud to put on the green jacket.

Hideki Matsuyama started ahead of his opponents by four points, but the day got intense. He had some tough competition and helped himself out by getting a birdie on a few of the holes. Hideki Matsuyama has been participating in the majors for several years but has never had the kind of success that he did at the 2021 Masters Tournament. Things finally came together for him after years of hard work and dedication to the sport of golf. He said that he hopes that his win will inspire other Japanese people to follow in his footsteps with the sport.