Lunar New Year is another name for the Chinese New Year and it is celebrated in China and other Asian countries that have been strongly shaped by Chinese culture. Lunar New Year is celebrated by Chinese people living around the world. It is considered to be one of the most important festivals within the Chinese calendar. Around two billion people globally will be part of the celebration.

When the Lunar New Year is subject to change every year depending on the Lunar cycle. The earliest it can begin is in mid-January through to the third week of February and the celebration lasts for fourteen days. Some years the New Year will begin on 12 January and at the other end of the range as late as 20 February. Traditionally it has been the time when families spread across the world have got together. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has made it harder for everybody to celebrate as much as in the past.

This year Lunar New Year is celebrated today February 1st, 2022.