Indians celebrate Diwali as one of their most important holidays. Diwali is also referred to as Dipawali. It is commemorated to mark harmony, joy, and victory. This year it starts on November 2nd and ends on November 6th.

To succeed in having a happy Diwali, people start preparing many days before the festival. Houses and shops are cleaned while others get rid of old household items, get renovations done before Diwali, and then wait to have a happy Diwali full of joy and happiness.

Diwali is celebrated with a lot of joy and happiness. It is always a happy Diwali with plenty of fireworks being displayed at night. It is a festival of light. For a happy Diwali, People celebrating the festival light candles, firecrackers, bombs, sparklers, exchange gifts, and cook exceptional food on a great day of fun. Diwali festival is celebrated for around five days in the fall season. It brings a lot of happiness, and everyone celebrates it with a lot of pomp.