Hong Kong withdrew the extradition bill today after several months of protests. Carry Lam The Chief Executive of Hong Kong said, “The government will formally withdraw the bill in order to fully allay public concerns”. The people of Hong Kong feared if the bill had gone through it would have given the Chinese Communist Party control over Hong Kong’s current judicial independent state. The protests, which originally started because of the push for the extradition bill, continue. The protester’s demands have expanded since the start. Initially, all the protesters wanted was the withdrawal of the extradition bill but eventually, that demand expanded into 5 separate demands. They are:
1)Withdrawl of the Extradition Bill
2)Exonerate and Release all Protesters
3)An investigation by an independent reviewer into the treatment of the protesters by the police and a review of the police officers use of force
4)Remove the characterization of any part of the protests as considered a,”riot”
5)Resignation of Carry Lam

The people of Hong Kong want to be reassured that their independence will not be tested again and the only way for that to happen is for the other demands to be met. If the other demands are met that will pacify their frustrations and will enable the Hong Kongers to move forward and continue their One country, two systems arrangement with the Chinese. Peace is possible but only if a fair and realistic agreement is put in place.