The border entry between the boundary of Egypt and Gaza opened last Saturday (10/28/23) to give access to frantically required help to the blockaded Palestinian domain. Prior to this, the borderline had not been opened since Israel shut it down in the wake of Hamas’ assault on Israel on October 7th, where 1,400 individuals were murdered and 240 taken as hostages.

Injured Gazans including both dual nationals and foreign residents were permitted to leave the territory on Wednesday (11/1/23) morning, commented the Gaza Borders and Crossings Authority.

81 seriously wounded Palestinians were supposed to enter Egypt on Wednesday, of which handfuls have already shown up and are going through treatment in a few medical facilities across Egypt, affirmed the spokesperson of Egypt’s Health Ministry.

The number of foreign passport holders that migrated with the sanctioned exodus, was over 360. Anonymous Egyptian government authorities said many are currently en route to Cairo, where some will get flight trips back to their nations of origin. Among them are nationals of Japan, Saudi Arabia, Italy, the United Kingdom, Jordan and Austria.

No less than two Americans have likewise entered Egypt, as indicated by relatives and humanitarian groups. A few French residents have likewise left Gaza.

US President Joe Biden said the Rafah border opening came as a result of “urgent” and ”intense” diplomatic intervention from America and their accomplices in the enclave. He stated that upwards of 1,000 additional foreign nationals could leave soon.

It is understood that the consensus is independent of any hostage talks, making the migrants the first non-prisoners allowed to exit the territory since Israel’s most recent conflict with Hamas that started three weeks prior.

This marks a critical advancement following a long time of Israeli airstrikes across the thickly populated strip that have killed thousands and ignited chaos in humanitarian aid.

Image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license and was created by Gigi Ibrahim.