In a display of strength and cooperation, NATO Allies and partner nations have united for an extraordinary wet-gap crossing exercise conducted on the magnificent Danube River, close to Bordusani, Romania. This dynamic event serves as a crucial element of the prestigious Saber Guardian 23, which commenced on June 6, 2023. DEFENDER 23, led by the U.S. Army Europe and Africa (USAREUR-AF), demonstrates the strategic deployment of forces from the continental United States, effective utilization of Army Prepositioned Stocks, and seamless interoperability with Allies and partners.

Spanning from April 22nd to June 23rd, DEFENDER 23 symbolizes the unwavering commitment and rapid response capabilities of USAREUR-AF in Eastern Europe. Through the swift accumulation of U.S.-based combat power, amplification of the NATO Alliance’s lethal potential via long-distance fires, promotion of unit readiness in a complex joint and multi-national environment, and leveraging host nation capabilities, DEFENDER 23 expands USAREUR-AF’s operational reach.

DEFENDER 23 was attended by an incredible coalition of more than 7,000 US service members and 17,000 allied personnel from a whopping 20 countries. These included France, Greece, the United Kingdom, Latvia, Portugal, Spain, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Poland, Romania, and the US. This exercise displays the significant investment of NATO forces toward mutual support and defense.

By pooling their expertise, resources, and unwavering determination, these 13 NATO countries send a resolute message of unity and preparedness to any potential threats.