Passover is one of the most universally recognized Jewish feasts. It commemorates and serves as a reminder of the exodus out of Egypt thousands of years ago. It also serves as a sign of the night the Lord God protected Hebrews from losing their firstborn child by “passing over” those who obeyed the instructions of covering their doorposts and frames with the blood of a sacrificial lamb. Passover became a solemn reminder of the true, awesome power of the Holy God – while also keeping the Biblical account of the history of the Jews alive.

Passover is not only a uniquely special way for Jews to remember their ancestors, and how the Lord God protected them from harm – but it also reminds those honoring Passover of how much the Lord God was willing to do in order to remove them from the torments of slavery. Today, Passover is celebrated in almost every Jewish home, and those honoring this feast take great care to clean their homes in preparation, cook their Passover feast, and say the appropriate Hebraic blessings.