In an adamant display of defense capabilities, the Ukrainian air force successfully destroyed 16 out of 17 Russian-launched Shahed drones, along with a reconnaissance drone, safeguarding the nation’s territorial integrity and national security. The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ Air Force proudly announced this significant achievement on Friday (7/14/23), highlighting their unwavering commitment to protecting the Ukrainian people and their homeland.

Ukraine reported that “In the eastern and southern regions, our air defense forces effectively eliminated 16 drones. Additionally, our defenders managed to intercept one reconnaissance drone during the night, while six operational-tactical level drones were successfully destroyed the previous day. The Dnipropetrovsk region experienced the highest impact, with six drones being successfully destroyed. Regrettably, one drone struck a utility company building in Kryvyi Rih, causing damage. Additionally, two residential buildings, each comprising two stories, and a transportation company were also affected by the drone activity. Our musings go out to all those affected by these wretched occurrences, including a 56-year-old man who sustained injuries.”

Ukraine further reported that they executed nearly 20 collective airstrikes targeting the Russian “occupiers” within the past few days.

Ukraine looks to the future with unwavering assurance, determined to protect its boundaries and remain true to the tenets of sovereignty and liberty.