We are seeing history being made this week as the House impeached President Trump for the 2nd time on January 13th for inciting insurrection against the government at the Capitol.

On Jan 6th, Americans watched in shock and horror as domestic terrorists stormed up the Capitol, people died, officers died, and they hung a noose on the Capitol lawn as they chanted, “Hang Pence!” with their angry outbursts and childish tantrums. However, in this bi-partisan move, 10 Republicans joined Democrats to impeach Donald J. Trump. The 10 Republicans who joined Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump for incitement of an insurrection- represent a significant change in the direction the government is going, this is the most members of a president’s party to vote for his impeachment in history.

So who are the 10 Republicans who joined the democrats? Rep Liz Cheney, Rep. Tom Rice, Rep, Dan Newhouse, Rep Adam Kinzinger, Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, Rep. Fred Upton, Rep. Jamie Herrera Beutler, Rep. Peter Meijer, Rep. John Katko, Rep. David Valado, with Mitt Romney being the sole Republican senator to vote to convict Trump in 2020.

What does this mean for the future of Trump? Trump’s impeachment won’t lead to his removal-even if convicted, however, it could prevent him from holding office in the future due to a part of the Constitution. Trump will be the first president in history to have been impeached twice during his presidency. Trump was specifically impeached for inciting an insurrection against the federal government at the U.S. Capitol, but also for “high crimes and misdemeanors”