The European Union, in its entirety of 27 countries, has mutually censured Hamas for what they depicted as the utilization of medical service facilities and regular people as ”human shields” in the conflict against Israel.

Josep Borrell, EU’s chief of foreign affairs, said Monday that simultaneously the coalition asked Israel to take the most ”maximum restraint” in safeguarding against civilian losses whilst in their targeting.

At a gathering of the coalition’s international affairs ministers, Borrell gave the statement as a representative of the 27 countries as a demonstration of solidarity following a long time of frequently differentiating proclamations on how the bloc ought to address the Israel-Hamas war.

Israel says Hamas safeguards itself among non-military people in medical clinics, and that Gaza City’s Shifa medical center is a great representation of that. Israel guarantees the aggressors have a war room in and underneath the clinical compound.

Hamas blamed Borrell for misrepresenting information. It depicted his remarks as a way to conceal Israel to perpetrate more violations against youngsters and helpless regular citizens. Hamas urged Borrell to take back his ”inhuman” remarks.