Russia has retaliated against Ukraine for strikes that damaged a bridge in Crimea with one of the most intense bombing campaigns of the war so far. However, many military experts believe that this has not been the best use of Russia’s firepower and that an error of judgment has been made on Russia’s part.

Russia has been struggling to replenish its missile stockpile. This has led people to wonder why they would launch so many strikes that have no tactical advantage. Many of the targets of the latest bombing have been civilians, and 19 people have been killed. While this has been difficult for the people of Ukraine to deal with, experts believe that these strikes were somewhat wasteful.

Russia has made no public comment about how many missiles it has left, so experts have to make an estimate based on how many missiles they believed Russia to have at the beginning of the war, and how many they have used.

Ukraine is likely to be in a better position than Russia in the coming months, as they have the support of many Western countries, who have pledged support to Ukraine in the form of defense spending.