Russian military forces have aggressively engaged in further conflict recently, by launching several missiles across Ukraine. Overall it seems that roughly 70 cruise missiles had been launched and the Air Force in Ukraine has shot down several of those missiles in The Kyiv region. The attack on Ukraine is said to have involved killer drones, cruise missiles, and more. This conflict has seemed to escalate recently as we approach the one-year anniversary of the situation between these two regions.

It is alleged that the cruise missiles had been launched by strategic bombers from Russia, along with that it is also reported that navy ships were used which had been located in the Black Sea according to Ukraine’s military chief, Gen. Valerii Zaluzhnyi. It is also alleged that Russia might have been looking to target something like Ukraine’s power supply in an effort to try and cause significant damage to the energy system. If successful that sort of action could go on to fuel damage which would deprive many people of basic services like water, heat, and electricity, that they require for their daily living. For now, Ukraine has reported that they’ve sustained some infrastructure damage and there could be some power outages that come as a result of the situation. We have heard for months about increased calls for more help in this conflict, countries around the world have stepped up eagerly to assist Ukraine with its fight but there are also concerns about what an escalation of conflict might mean or look like on a greater scale as well.