Yesterday President Trump Pardoned 7 people and commuted the sentences of 4 people.

The current list of people pardoned by the President yesterday, offenses committed and sentences are as follows and can be found here:

1)Angela Ronae Stanton: 

Offense: “Conspiracy to Transport in Interstate Commerce A Stolen Motor Vehicle and Tampering with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) (17 counts) (Northern District of Georgia)”
Sentence: “Time Served; three years’ supervised release; six months’ home confinement detention program (May 24, 2007)”
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2)Ariel Manuel Friedler:

Offense: “Conspiracy to Access a Protected Computer Without Authorization (Eastern District of Virginia)”
Sentence: “Two months’ imprisonment; one year supervised release; $274,197.60 restitution to Maxient LLC; $217,097.60 due and payable immediately; and $250,000 fine due and payable immediately (August 8, 2014)”
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3)David Hossein Safavian:

Offense: “Obstruction; false statement (three counts) (District of Columbia)”
Sentence: “72 months’ imprisonment; two years’ supervised release (October 27, 2006)”
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4)Michael Rober Milken:

Offense: “Conspiracy; securities fraud; mail fraud; tax fraud; filing false reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC); assisting a brokerage firm in violating its net capital requirements (Southern District of New York)”
Sentence: “24 months’ imprisonment (as amended November 1992); three years’ supervised release; 5,400 hours of community service; $200 million fine (August 5, 1992)”
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5)Paul Harvey Pogue: 

Offense: “Making and subscribing a false tax return (Eastern District of Texas)”
Sentence: “Three years’ probation; $250,000 fine; and $473, 604.09 restitution (August 30, 2010)”
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6)Bernard Bailey Kerik:

Offense: “Obstructing the administration of the Internal Revenue Laws; aiding in the preparation of a false income tax return; making false statements on a loan application; making false statements (five counts) (Southern District of New York)”
Sentence: “48 months’ imprisonment; 3 years’ supervised release; $187,931 restitution (as amended on March 4, 2010) (May 18, 2010)”
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7)Edward J. DeBartolo Jr:

Offense: “Misprision of a felony (Middle District of Louisiana)”
Sentence: “Two years’ probation; $250,000 fine; $350,000 restitution (October 6, 1998)”
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The current list of people commuted by the President yesterday, offenses committed and sentences are as follows and can be found here:

1)Judith Negron:

Offense: “Conspiracy to commit health care fraud; health care fraud (two counts); conspiracy to defraud the United States and to receive and pay health care kickbacks; conspiracy to commit money laundering; money laundering (16 counts); structuring to avoid reporting requirements (three counts) (Southern District of Florida)”
Sentence: “420 months imprisonment (as amended); three years supervised release; and $87,533,863.46 restitution (December 8, 2011)”
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2)Rod Blagojevich:

Offense: “Wire fraud (10 counts); conspiracy/attempted extortion (four counts); corrupt solicitation of funds; conspiracy to corruptly solicit funds (two counts); making false statements (Northern District of Illinois)”
Sentence: “168 months’ imprisonment; 24 months’ imprisonment; $20,000 fine (December 7, 2011)”
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3)Cyrstal Munoz:

Offense: “Conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute 1,000 or more kilograms of marijuana (Western District of Texas)
Sentence: “188 months’ imprisonment; 5 years’ supervised release (January 24, 2008)”
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4)Tynice Nichole Hall:

Offense: “Conspiracy to distribute, possess with intent to distribute, and manufacture more than 50 grams of a mixture and substance containing a detectable amount of cocaine base (crack cocaine) and aiding and abetting; possession with intent to distribute cocaine base and aiding and abetting; possession of cocaine with intent to manufacture cocaine base and aiding and abetting; receipt of firearms by a person under felony indictment and aiding and abetting; possession of firearms in furtherance of drug trafficking crimes and aiding and abetting (Northern District of Texas)”
Sentence: “248 months imprisonment (as amended); 5 years’ supervised release (July 28, 2006)”
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When asked about the clemency that President Trump gave to the 11 individuals, Trump said, “You know, oftentimes — pretty much all the time — I really rely on the recommendations of people that know them. These are all people that you have to see the recommendations. I rely on recommendations, very importantly”.