President Biden paid a surprise visit to Ukraine earlier in the week. =the President’s visit is seen as a sign of major support for Zelensky and his efforts in the war against Russia. After riding a long 10-hour journey to the Ukranian Capitol, Biden had a brief view of what this war zone looked and sound like. As the air raid sirens filled the morning hours with gloom and terror, his visit to the capital was not without additional financial aid from the U.S. to Ukraine $500 million in military aid including the following:

  • Air surveillance radars
  • Artillery ammunition
  • Anti-armour systems

While the visit to Ukraine was noted as a surprise that was not expected, the timing was certainly planned in advance. This is because the date of this visit coincided specifically with the beginning of this invasion from Russia, which was one year.

Another part of this visit to Ukraine involved EU foreign ministers meeting in places like Brussels to discuss the upcoming future of this ongoing war. A huge part of these meetings involved the joint procurement of ammunition that is needed to support these war efforts.

President Biden’s Surprise Visit To Ukraine