Last Thursday(7/21/22), President Biden tested positive for Covid-19. Thankfully, he is recovering steadily and with good results after undertaking a dose of PAXLOVID. For now, the only minor effects he feels are hoarseness and residual nasal congestion. His other vitals remain wholly normal, and his lungs are clear.

He is also tolerating the treatment exceptionally well, and his medical team will continue with his current medication. Currently, he is not experiencing shortness of breath and responding well to therapy. The people close to the president, First Lady Jill Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, tested negative for COVID-19, which is good news for the white house and the nation at large.

The president is expected to resume work within a couple of days, and everything else will be back to normal. The incident shows that even with vaccination, people can still succumb to more persistent strains of the illness. However, it is still good to be vaccinated and get a booster shot after a while.