For the first time in 15 years, Mike Tyson has returned to the ring. Iron Mike showed up to the bout over the weekend on Saturday, November 28th wearing his signature black boxing trunks. During the match, he exchanged punches with another boxing legend Roy Jones Jr.

The bout which took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles drew international attention. People from around the world watched the match with eyes wide opened.

The match lasted 8 rounds and ended in a draw. After the match, Tyson and Jones hugged each other which showed the mutual respect each boxer had for one another. While this was only an exhibition match, it was highly entertaining! The exhibition helped raise money for various charities.

During the match, Tyson showed off his footwork and combinations. Tyson threw the most effective punches, and you could tell that he prepared for the match. Jones held his own in the ring and was equally impressive.

After eight rounds, the pair of boxers both walked away without being seriously harmed. While there has been no announcement of any future matches Tyson stated, “I’ll look better in the next one.”