Joey Logano emerged the winner at the 312-mile season finale held on Sunday, November 6th, 20022, at Phoenix Raceway. This is the second win of his career. Logano easily dominated championship contenders Christopher Bell, Ross Chastain, and Chase Elliott.

Logano was ahead of the other championship drivers on all green-flag laps except one. He surged to lead the race after a restart with thirty-three laps to go. He fired off from third place to overtake Chase Briscoe, the leader. Ross Chastain was 7th on the restart and could not keep pace with Logano. For most of the afternoon, Logano had the best vehicle. In the final few laps, Chastain made gains, but he could not challenge Logano.

The championship drivers who followed Logano in the top five include Ryan Blaney, Ross Chastain, Briscoe, and Kevin Harvick. Over the closing miles, the race for the title turned into a competition between Chastain and Logano. Bell fell back due to a slow pit stop. Elliot’s vehicle had sustained damage earlier in the race.

Joey Logano, 32 years old, became the first Ford driver to win two championships since David Pearson emerged as the victor in 1968 and 1969. Logano is the seventeenth driver to win several Cup titles. Logano said that it took hard work. He prepared well for the race the last few weeks. He also greatly thanked Ford and Shell-Pennzoil for supporting him over the previous ten years.

Logano presented a dominating performance, and the audience could feel that he would receive the championship trophy. During the race, what stood out the most was how he and the number 22 team remained in control of the race and the entire weekend when you consider that Logano won the pole on Saturday. A small mistake can make a driver lose a championship. Yet, Logano and the team did not make any mistakes, which is impressive. That’s why Logano is a deserving champion.