Joe Biden has announced that Kamala Harris is his pick for running mate in his election campaign. He had previously stated that his pick would be a woman. Harris is the first woman of color to hold this position. She has Indian-Jamaican heritage.

Harris was once Biden’s rival to become the Democratic presidential nominee but she has long been considered to be the front-runner for the Vice President role. She is currently a California senator and has also been the Californian attorney general.

After the announcement was made Harris tweeted to say that she was honored to be the party’s choice for Vice President and was going to do all that she could to ensure that Biden is elected as Commander-In-Chief in November.

Harris has been a vocal critic of President Trump in the past, especially during her bid to become nominee in late 2019. She also clashed with Biden during the primary debates, but they now appear to have put their differences behind them. She is due to debate with Mike Pence, the current Vice President, in October, and her supporters are already predicting that she will be the clear winner.

If Biden and Harris win in the fall, Harris will have become the first woman ever as well as the first woman of color to have become the Vice President of the United States.