Israel’s army conducted continuous airstrikes targeting Hamas militants late Sunday (10/22/23), said the Israeli Defense Forces. The air siege on Sunday was the largest one in northern Gaza since Hamas’ dangerous October 7th assault on Israel, which killed in excess of 1,400 individuals.

Viciousness has additionally erupted in the populated West Bank. The IDF on Sunday sent off an airstrike striking the Al-Ansar mosque located in a displaced persons’ camp of West Bank’s Jenin. The Israeli military said the mosque was being utilized by militant factions to coordinate an impending terrorist attack. IDF wouldn’t affirm whether a jet carried out the strike, in what might be the only fighter jet assault in the West Bank in almost twenty years.

The Spokesman of the IDF, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, remarked that the military had intel that proposed there was an inevitable assault coming from a joint Hamas and Islamic Jihad crew which was making arrangements from an underground command hub underneath the mosque.

Following the mosque attack, the Ministry of Health in Palestine stated that three individuals were killed. Two individuals were likewise killed following conflicts in the West Bank urban communities of Nablus and Toubas, the Palestine Health Ministry further commented.

Israel says it does not plan to ceasefire soon and that it strikes’ targets are Hamas Militia who have placed regular Gazans in harm’s way to act as human shields.

The tally on Sunday by the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza show that Israeli air bombardments had killed 4,651 individuals in Gaza, including 1,023 women and north of 1,900 children. Over 14,245 individuals have been injured, it added.