Last Friday (7/21/23) in New Delhi, Indian customs officials made history with the largest-ever seizure of foreign currency on record. The incident occurred when three Tajikistan nationals were intercepted while attempting to board a flight to Istanbul. The subsequent examination of their baggage and personal search led to the discovery of concealed foreign currency worth over Rs 10 crore. This landmark seizure, worth over 100 million USD marks a significant milestone in India’s efforts to curb smuggling and illicit financial activities.

The smuggling of foreign currency has been a persistent challenge for customs officials across the globe. The Indira Gandhi International Airport is a critical hub for international travelers in India, making it susceptible to such illegal activities. However, the recent operation by Indian customs sets a remarkable precedent in their relentless pursuit of curbing financial crimes.

According to an official statement released by the customs department, the interception of the three Tajikistan nationals proved to be the most substantial foreign currency seizure in India’s history. The accused were apprehended as they prepared to board a flight to Istanbul, but the meticulous examination of their luggage revealed a shocking discovery – foreign currency hidden within their shoes.

The seized currency, amounting to a total value of about Rs 10 crore . The successful operation showcases the efficiency and vigilance of Indian customs officials in combating smuggling activities at the airport.

Following the seizure, the customs department initiated a thorough investigation into the matter. Uncovering the intricate networks behind such operations is essential to prevent future incidents and maintain the integrity of the country’s financial system.

The discovery of such a significant sum of foreign currency concealed within personal belongings raises concerns about the methods employed by smugglers. This incident highlights the need for enhanced security measures at airports and underlines the importance of international cooperation in tackling cross-border financial crimes.

The unprecedented seizure sends a strong message to smugglers and criminal organizations involved in illegal financial activities. Indian customs authorities are dedicated to upholding the rule of law and maintaining the integrity of the nation’s borders. The success of this operation is a testament to the effectiveness of the customs department’s intelligence gathering, surveillance, and enforcement capabilities.

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