On Saturday, March 25, Honduras announced that it had decided to go ahead and close its long diplomatic relationship with Taiwan, which has been ongoing for decades. Why? They are doing this supposedly in favor of ties with another country, China. Honduras has recently decided to form that connection with China, which essentially means breaking relations with Taiwan.

Honduras decided to formally establish new connections with China over Taiwan. Honduras is one of the few countries left that recognizes Taipei over Beijing.

When the information was released that Honduras had made this connection with China, Honduras also announced it had severed ties with Taiwan. There wouldn’t be any more diplomatic relations or plans to cooperate. This is significant given the history between the two regions.
China made sure to confirm its side of the new relationship as well, suggesting that it moved to sign a joint venture or diplomatic relations with the region. This is a significant change and might be unexpected for many to have seen take place. This has been described as a blow to Taiwan, which has been in a struggle for independence.

This is an important region that has been struggling for some time, and there are only a few countries around the world that have formal diplomatic relationships with Taiwan, while some others might have established unofficial diplomatic relations.

The following countries still recognize Taiwan’s independence:

Countries That Recognize Taiwan’s IndependenceStill Recognize Independence
Marshall IslandsYes
Saint Kitts and NevisYes
Saint LuciaYes
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesYes
Vatican CityYes