President Joe Biden met up close and personal with Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday and said they made genuine ”progress”. It was the first discussion between the two leaders in a year.

The event was held at the Filoli Garden and Historic House located in Woodside, California, in San Francisco’s southern area.

The presidents examined various prickly issues, especially ongoing battles in the Middle East and Ukraine. Biden wanted to see China take advantage of its leverage with Iran to stop the Israel-Hamas battle from broadening.

Biden stressed that the US and China are competitors, stated the readout from the White House, and additionally, it said, “that the United States would always stand up for its interests, its values, and its allies and partners. He reiterated that the world expects the United States and China to manage competition responsibly to prevent it from veering into conflict, confrontation, or a new Cold War.”

Then the readout from the Chinese delegation mentioned that “Peaceful coexistence is a basic norm for international relations, and is even more of a baseline that China and the United States should hold on to as two major countries“.

Yet, Xi additionally had a problem with U.S. activities he considers pointed toward smothering China’s growth. For example, imposed controls on exports, particularly semiconductors and other decisive technologies. He added that China doesn’t have an arrangement to ”unseat” or ”surpass” the US. Similarly, the US shouldn’t plan to smother and contain China.

Biden likewise raised worries about denials of basic liberties in Hong Kong, Xinjiang, and Tibet.