During the UN General Assembly in New York in September 2015, a new dialogue format was created between the United States and five Central Asian countries. This newly created format is now known by the name the C5+1 Diplomatic Platform.

Presently, the five Central Asian countries that form this newly established dialogue include each of the following Ministries of Foreign Affairs:

· Kazakhstan
· Kyrgyzstan
· Tajikistan
· Turkmenistan
· Uzbekistan
· United States – Designated as the +1

This new platform of communications and the network’s primary focus will be on a number of different subject matters that affect all countries involved. The goal and objective, at this point in time, are to streamline communications between participating parties by setting up a multi-lateral dialogue platform. The communication vehicle will help to highlight and facilitate a variety of critical issues of concern, including every country’s commitment to issues such as human rights and democracy. Chairing these discussions will be ex-Secretary of State John Kerry from the United States.