China launched military drills around Taiwan after the United States conducted several military drills in the Western Pacific in recent weeks. The United States had jointed military drills with allies, including Philippines, Japan and Australia. The Canadian and American naval ships sailed through the Taiwan Strait on Saturday. Although motives of the new military exercises are not clear, some speculate that they are aimed at pushing back the pressure from the West.

In recent weeks, China has deployed additional ships and planes to challenge the US dominance in the region. In August, the United States signed a trilateral agreement with South Korea and Japan to strengthen their influence in the region. However, China has accused the United States of launching a Cold War.

China has responded by deploying at least 20 naval vessels and a Shandong aircraft carrier. According to Taiwanese and Japanese governments, China also deployed supply ships, missile destroyers and frigates. According to Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense the Republic of China sent at least 68 warplanes near their airspace on Wednesday. The war planes were spotted landing and taking off on the Shandong aircraft carrier.

The drills primarily focused on the People’s Liberation Army deficiencies, including coordinating attacks in the air and on the water. The exercises also focused on China’s army to keep up operations or attacks from its shores and beyond. By sending numerous warplanes/jets and vessels, China wanted the United States and other countries in the region to see and know that they have the ability to launch joint attack on air and sea!

China has not confirmed or denied the allegations. Also, they have not announced any exercises involving Shandong aircraft carrier i.e., their first domestically built aircraft carrier. It is important to note that China has two Shandong carriers in service.

Image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 4.0 International license and was created by the Japanese Ministry Of Defense Joint Staff Office.