The terrorist group Al-Shabaab has claimed responsibility for the two car bombs which exploded outside of the Somalian education ministry, next to an intersection with a busy market. Over 100 people were killed and more than 300 were injured. It is expected that the death toll may rise even further in the coming days.

Al Shabaab has links to al Qaeda and wants to topple the government in Somalia. They targeted the education ministry because they teach Somali children using a syllabus that they consider to be based on Christianity. It is the deadliest attack in the country since October 2017, when a truck bomb was used at the same location. More than 500 people died in that incident.

The first explosion occurred just after 2 pm this past Saturday(10/29/22) when the market was busy with people shopping for food and clothes. As people rushed to help the victims of the first explosion, a second bomb was also detonated. Many of those helping out became victims themselves.

The Somalian government has received offers of support in trying to defeat the terrorists from the United States and the United Nations. The World Health Organization also indicated that it would provide medical care to those caught up in the blasts.