The Green Bay Packers have traded Aron Rodgers, a future Hall of Fame quarterback, to the New York Jets. Rodgers, a four-time MVP, parted ways with the Packers after an 18-season run. After being drafted by the club in 2005, Rodgers led the Packers to a 2011 Super Bowl victory. With his impressive runs and leadership qualities, Rodgers also made the Green Bay Packers a perennial contender!

Rodgers has had an impressive career with 475 touchdowns, the 5th-most touchdowns in NFL history. It is also important to note that his 59,055 passing yards rank him at No. 9 in NFL history, making him only the second active quarterback to achieve the feat.

Aaron’s transfer was long overdue because he had expressed his concerns to the management. He was openly criticizing the coaches and teammates, making it hard to cope with the pressure. It seems that Rodgers, the Packers, and the Jets all got what they were looking for. The New York Jets have not qualified for the playoffs since the 2010–2011 season. However, Rodgers arrival at the club could boost their morale and help them hope to reach the playoffs.