What’s is in Joe Biden’s massive trillion-dollar budget proposal? It combines the stimulus plan and the President’s budget proposal, a massive spending bill that includes $20 billion for road and bridge improvements, clean energy projects, and green job programs.

Here is a Breakdown of How some of the 1.2 Trillion Dollar Budget Will be Spent:

  1. Airports: Improve vital infrastructure and create jobs by modernizing our airports
  2. Roads and Bridges: Improve roads, bridges, and transit systems to save money for car owners and to get Americans back to work
  3. Clean Energy: Some of that amount will go to the electric grid and energy that will help create jobs and move our economy forward by making investments in clean energy
  4. Amtrak: Improve our railways to support economic activity and job creation
  5. Homeland Security: Protect citizens from terrorist attacks by improving aviation security, cargo security, border security, protecting critical infrastructure.
  6. Water/Wastewater. Make critical infrastructure available to every American by updating our water and wastewater systems.
  7. Railroads: Add to our rail infrastructure by adding high-speed passenger rail and freight rail service between major metropolitan areas.
  8. Schools: An infusion of money for school construction, renovations, and modernization will put Americans to work immediately.
  9. Transportation Security Administration: An additional $4.8 billion will help TSA continue to strengthen our transportation defenses by hiring more screeners and expanding expedited passenger screening
  10. Rivers and Lakes: Some of this money will be used to dredge our ports and waterways, which is needed due to the large ships that we are allowing on our rivers and lakes.
  11. Internet: Some money will be used to expand high-speed internet access in rural areas, for schools and libraries.


If implemented, President Joe Biden’s 1.2 trillion dollars will lay the foundation of a strong economy for future generations. While some of the proposals are borrowed money, they will be repaid as the economy grows.