In a significant and highly anticipated announcement, President Joe Biden has unveiled a momentous initiative. The United States, in close collaboration with G7 allies, is set to join forces in providing comprehensive training for Ukrainian pilots on cutting-edge fourth-generation aircraft, including the prestigious F-16s.

In an interview with CNN, a senior administration official revealed that the training program is scheduled to be held in Europe, with U.S. personnel actively engaged alongside allied forces. This collaborative effort stress the collective commitment to bolstering Ukraine’s aviation capabilities and strengthening regional security.

This decision marks a notable shift for President Biden, reflecting a change of perspective from his previous doubt regarding Ukraine’s requirement for F-16s. However, discussions during the G7 meetings in Hiroshima, Japan, led to a swift consensus on supporting Ukraine’s defense capabilities, with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak actively advocating for countries to contribute their F-16 aircraft to aid Ukraine in countering Russia’s ongoing aerial attacks.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky added, “We extend our gratitude to President Biden, the G7 leaders, and all involved parties for their dedication and efforts in this historic decision. This initiative will not only enhance Ukraine’s aerial defense, but it will also contribute to regional stability and the deterrence of threats to international peace.”