Kosovo and Serbia have recently experienced an uptick in animosity due to incidents between small contingents of ethnic Serbs in northern Kosovo and law enforcement personnel. In response to these confrontations and vandalism, President Aleksandar Vucic and local officials have acted quickly.

Reports indicate that the clashes erupted when certain individuals attempted to block the entrance of municipal buildings, preventing newly elected officials from assuming their positions. Police utilized tear gas to clear out the groups of people, leading to unfortunate consequences such as the burning of various cars. President Aleksandar Vucic shared his worry through a formal address delivered on state-owned RTS television. He expressed his determination to address the issue promptly by declaring a higher state of alert for the Serbian army. Furthermore, President Vucic issued urgent orders to move Serbian troops to the border with Kosovo in an effort to protect the Serbian community.

In a live TV broadcast, Defence Minister Milos Vucevic issued an order for immediate action to be taken towards the Kosovo border in response to the alarming terrorizing of the Serb population. President Vucic has since appealed to NATO-led troops stationed in the area to take further measures of protection for the Serbs suffering from the reported violent acts.

The Kosovo police acknowledged their increased presence in the north, emphasizing their role in supporting the mayors of the affected communes to exercise their right to carry out official duties in the designated buildings. Reports indicate that the obstruction primarily targeted new mayors in three communes with a significant population of ethnic Serbs, who make up a minority within the broader country.

The situation remains fluid and tense, with the alarm sirens being activated in the affected communes, including the main northern Mitrovica town, as a symbolic warning and call to gather.