A number of Russian airstrikes have killed 35 people at a military base that is outside Ukraine’s western city of Lviv. This is the most recent attack that has seen the conflict start getting precariously close to the Polish border. The attack by the Russians is widening, and they are getting closer to Poland, which is a member of both EU and NATO.

The airstrikes were targeted at a Ukrainian military training ground that is 20 kilometers from the Polish border. In the airstrike, 35 people were killed and 134 injured. At the same time, efforts are increasing to provide help to the southern port city of Mauripol, where they are reported to be grappling with a humanitarian catastrophe.

There was a convoy of aid that was sent to the city but got blocked at a checkpoint that s manned by the Russians. The conflict has seen the death of more than 1500 civilians who have been left in a city that does not have any heating or water and is also running out of food.

Additionally, attempts at evacuation have also been falling since the city is surrounded, and the Russians are targeting the population after their failed attempt to bring down the Ukrainian army. There are many cities that have already been surrounded or fallen, and there are currently fears of Kyiv being encircled by the advancing Russians.

According to estimates by the UN, about 2.6 million people have already fled Ukraine since the invasion started. Most of them moved to Poland, and the recent strike happening so close to the Polish border shows an adversary that is not afraid of escalating tension and conflicts to make their attack on innocent civilians. Hopefully, the Polish will not get pulled into the fight as they are already dealing with a tough refugee crisis.