Last Wednesday(9/21/22) Russian President Vladimir Putin issued a chilling warning to the world: if Russia is attacked on it’s mainland,”We will certainly make use of all weapon systems available to us.” The statement came in response to a question about whether Russia would consider using nuclear weapons if it were invaded by NATO forces. While Putin did not specifically mention NATO in his remarks, the implication was clear: if Russia is attacked, it will not hesitate to resort to its nuclear arsenal. The comments were widely condemned by world leaders, who accused Putin of making a direct threat against global security. However, some experts believe that Putin’s remarks may be bluffer than anything else. While it is true that Russia has one of the largest nuclear stockpiles in the world, it is also facing significant economic and political challenges at home. As a result, some believe that Putin’s comments are more likely an attempt to shore up support amongst his domestic constituency than a real threat of nuclear war. Only time will tell whether Putin’s remarks are empty rhetoric or a sign of things to come.

Analysts and activists have warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ultimatum to the West significantly raises the chance of a nuclear conflict, and world leaders have denounced what they call “reckless” and “irresponsible” threats. In a rare televised address on Wednesday, Putin called for additional troops in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and warned that the Kremlin would “definitely use all the tools at our disposal to safeguard Russia and our people” if Russia’s territorial integrity were challenged.