Biden has suggested that it is just more common sense this move that is seeking new executive action on expanding gun background checks. The executive action taken by Biden this week is looking to increase the number of background checks that are being done in the gun market. It is one way that they are looking at tightening gun control in the country. The new move doesn’t require universal background checks however, that might come sometime later on.

There have been several shootings around the country take place and there is widespread support to see some gun changes made in one way or another, one of them being more strict rules around purchases such as background checks. This order promotes risk protection and enables authorities to potentially remove a person’s firearms if they are thought to be a danger. They will also be looking to potentially improve support for any communities that have also been impacted by gun violence though it isn’t clear what that might look like yet.

Democrats are largely in favor of this sort of gun legislation and that has been made no secret over the years. Critics have already hit back at the changes suggesting that they wouldn’t have done anything to stop some mass shootings, also that they would like to see regulators look to protect the right of people to defend themselves instead of looking for more ways to decrease that possibility.