Recent polling has unveiled an alarming degree of political division concerning the federal criminal charges brought against Donald Trump. It has been revealed that an astonishing 81% of Republicans identify the charges as being politically motivated, indicating the serious divisiveness among U.S. citizens.

The survey, conducted right after the indictment of Trump, accentuates the increasingly evident disparity among the population. It is imperative to note that President Joe Biden has unambiguously detached himself from the Department of Justice’s proceedings.

Remarkably, a higher proportion of Republicans view Trump as a casualty of unjust targeting rather than the roughly 30-35% that constitute his core fan base. Approximately 60% of survey participants, including 91% of Democrats and 35% of Republicans, find the allegations realistic, particularly those regarding the unauthorized stockpiling of confidential records at his Florida home.

Despite the accusations, Trump has maintained his prominence in the Republican race for the 2024 presidential election. The filing of specific indictments, such as obstruction of justice, has not hampered his status. Approximately 43% of those self-declared Republicans still choose Trump as their favorite candidate, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis close behind, receiving 22% of the vote.

Earlier polls conducted at the start of May, before DeSantis announced his candidacy, placed Trump in the lead with 49%, followed by DeSantis’ 19%. The remaining competitors in the Republican competition, including former Vice President Mike Pence, who just announced his candidacy, have secured single-digit levels of approval.

Trump himself has traveled to Miami to face federal charges of the illegal storing of American national security papers and misleading government officials during retrieval attempts.

Many Republican contenders vying for the 2024 election have censured the U.S. Justice Department, charging political partiality and declaring it is being utilized to disable Biden’s strongest Republican adversary. Conversely, the Justice Department emphasizes its commitment to nonpartisanship, asserting that all investigative decisions are made independent of political affiliations.